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Why Choose Saint Augustine’s University?

For over 150 years, Saint Augustine’s University has demonstrated its ability to provide students with the education and skills necessary to make a difference in world.

Saint Augustine’s University stands apart from other colleges by providing hands-on student services that complement our expansive course list. While some schools believe in the “sink or swim” approach to student performance, Saint Augustine’s University is committed to providing you with a customized strategy and the tools necessary for success.

Saint Augustine’s provides our students with a variety of academic programs committed to their specific career tracks. Whether, you want to be an Internet journalist, an FBI agent, or a teacher, you will FIND YOUR FUTURE AT SAU!

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Find Your College Experience at SAU

Saint Augustine’s University is here for our students both in and out of the classroom.

Students at Saint Augustine’s University gain access to a multitude of services, resources, and opportunities to help ensure the best college experience possible. Our wide selection of sororities, fraternities, campus clubs, charitable organizations, and more will help you build lifelong friendships and connections.

Our International Student Services team is available to provide support and encouragement for our international student population and facilitate a diverse and thriving student population.

We even provide career planning and placement services to help you prepare for and find the perfect career for your interests and skill sets. From your first day on campus and throughout your career, Saint Augustine’s will be here to support your short-term and long-term employment goals.

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Athletics at Saint Augustine’s University?

Sports play a major role in campus culture at Saint Augustine’s University. SAU is a Division II school with a focus on teaching athletes to excel in the classroom and on the field. Athletic Director George Williams has transformed the university into a sports powerhouse over the past few years, coaching the Falcons to more than 35 national championships.

SAU’s prominent athletic programs also provide a sense of community and school pride. Students can bond over athletic events leading to a sense of camaraderie that can be sensed the moment you step foot on campus.

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